How to make dark spots disappear on your skin?

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Do you have dark spots due to a mycosis, a fungus or having been exposed to the sun? Here is a routine that one must follow in order to have an attractive skin! 

You will need:

– A lemon

– cotton or makeup remover disks

– macerat white lily or rose musk essential oil

What to do ?

1/ Soak a cotton or a makeup remover disk in lemon juice and dab the zones which are to be treated in the morning and at night. After several days, the spots will diminish and then dissapear completely. However it is important to ask advice from your doctor or a dermatologist.

2/ Use white lily macérat or rose musk essential oil.

Their healing properties are regenerating in order to reduce the dark spots.

To be applied in the morning and at night onto the areas which are affected.

It is a minimum of 3 weeks treatment.

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