Make your own mood boosting spray

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Essential oils can help us look after our health, or they can be integrated into our cosmetics to add a pleasant smell, or the specific beneficial properties of the chosen oil. However, they also have an effect on our mood, and certain scents can play a significant role in how we feel. We have already shared a mixture to pop in your diffuser to help you fight against stress. Today, we are going to explain how to make a special mood-boosting spray. 

The essential oils used in this mixture are only a few examples among many possible options. For your spray, you can use any of the following mood-boosting essential oils:

  • Bergamot: a floral, citrus fragrance that is comforting and calming for stressful situations
  • Wild orange: its perfume is revitalising for the body and mind. Those who are seeking pure air and energy are sure to love it
  • Frankincense: a warm, spicy scent which is relaxing and soothing
  • Peppermint: stimulates the senses
  • Lemon: provides energy to a burdened mind
  • Lavender: relaxes and moderates negative feelings

What you need:

  • A 120 ml glass jar (blue, coloured or brown if possible, so as to better protect the mixture)
  • 45 ml distilled water
  • 45 ml witch hazel (this emulsifier will help the water and the oils to mix better)
  • 30 drops of the essential oils of your choice. For example, 15 drops of lemon and 15 drops of lavender
Credits: OneGoodThingByJillee


1) Simply mix all of the ingredients together!

Credits: OneGoodThingByJillee

2) Prior to each usage, shake the flask well.

3) Spray it in a room or on to furniture (couches, armchairs, desk chair, curtains, etc.). You can even spray some on your clothes if you would like to inhale the fragrance all day long!

Credits: OneGoodThingByJillee


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