How to make a rose cutting grow thanks to a potato

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This tutorial will help you to obtain beautiful rose bushes thanks to a bit of elbow grease and potatoes.

What you will need :

– A bit of earth (if possible sunny) on which you can watch your roses grow

– rose cuttings

– potatoes

– a spade

– prunning shears

– fertilizer

What to do :

1. Start by weeding the zone which is destined for the rose bushes. Dig holes which are at least 20 cm deep.

2. Add a bit of fertilizer and water.

3. Next prepare your cuttings –  the branches must measure about 50 cm that you will cut at the base to make a 45° angle.

4. Remove all the leaves from the stems then place each one in the middle of a potato. (be careful, you must not entirely pierce your potatoes)

5. All that is left is for you to place the stems in the earth and cover them and water once again. In several weeks, you will see the first shoots!