How to make a homemade teepee hideaway for your children

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Many children dream about having a teepee in their bedroom. Not only is it the perfect hideaway to play games, read a book and mess around with friends, they will also be the envy of all their classmates! Do you want to delight your child with a homemade teepee? Making one doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. In fact all you need is a simple sheet, some rope and six sticks of wood. Have a look at the image below and get creative!

What you need:

    • An old bed sheet
    • Some rope
    • Six sticks of wood 1.5m long (you could even hunt for these pieces of wood in the forest as another outdoor activity!)


      • First tie three of the sticks together to make a tripod and attach securely with your rope at the top.
      • Next secure the remaining three sticks evenly so that the structure is more sturdy. Secure the six legged structure at the top with your rope.
        For added stability intertwine the rope at the feet of the teepee as seen in the picture below.
      • Cut your material using the measurements as seen in the image below.
      • First cut your sheet so it forms a rectangle measuring two metres by one metre.
      • Measure one metre on the two metre side and make a make with your pen.
      • From the two bottom corners measure 73 cm upwards and 73 along and make a mark with your pen.
      • Using your metre rule draw diagonal lines from your corners marks to your mark in the middle of the top of the sheet.
      • Make sure each triangular section measures 38 cm across the bottom before cutting away the excess sheet
      • Now fasten the sheet in place using your rope.


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