Make these genius soap sheets and save space while packing

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At first, you may ask yourself why you would go to the bother of making soap sheets of your hygiene products, such as soap, shower gel, shampoo, etc. But if you consider the number of times there was no soap or appropriate cleaning products in the bathroom at work, in public toilets, or on camping weekends (when your backpack is already spilling over with the heavy objects you need, without adding cosmetics), you may realise that such soap sheets could come in very handy! They are effective, they take up virtually no space, they aren’t heavy and frankly, they are just cute! A must for travelling without products that are likely to spill all over your bag, and the advantage of making them yourself instead of buying them is that you can make them with the products you already use and own. If the idea appeals to you, read on to find out how to make them, to make your travel sack even more compact and efficient!

What you need:

  • Water soluble paper (which you can mainly find on the internet)
  • Your liquid products (washing up liquid, shampoo, shower gel, hand soap, etc.)
  • A scissors
  • Small boxes (empty lip balm tins, Tic-Tac boxes, tins from mini-mints etc.)
  • A clean support (such as a baking tray)
  • A clean paintbrush


1) Place the water soluble paper on one part of your tray. On the side, pour some of the product you want to soak it in.

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2) Using a paintbrush, spread the product over the paper, leaving a strip of around 2 cm at one edge.

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3) Gently turn the paper over and apply the product to the other side.

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4) Leave the sheet(s) out to dry

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5) Cut little strips out, to match the size of your container(s), and fill the box(es) with your soap strips. Don’t forget to label each box to remind you of what is in each one.

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