A make up trick to cover your dark circles

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Are you one of those who constantly have dark circles and have hard times trying to get rid of them? Or did you just have a short night? Here is how to solve this problem.

You’ll need:

  • A concealer
  • A color corrector (yellow, peachy or orangey depending on your skin colour)
  • A make up sponge or a brush

How to:

1  – First apply your color corrector to neutralise the darkness under your eyes.

2 – Apply your concealer as a second coat to cover your dark circles.

Don’t forget to cover the inside corner of the eye -near the tear duct- where there’s a very visible vein which makes you look tired. If you don’t have any make up sponge or brush, use your clean ring finger to apply the products.This will give you a much lighter touch and this finger applies the least pressure to the skin.

Source: iStockphoto