Make your own soothing balm for period pains

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Ahhhh… The famous time of the month! All women know what this means, and very few welcome it with joy. As well as infantile remarks from the people close to them, women also have to put up with all the associated inconveniences. Seeing as we can’t exactly avoid them, we need to learn how to manage them, which is no mean feat when cramps are causing us such suffering that they impinge on our ability to go about our lives. Everyone has their own techniques: medication, herbal teas (parley, passionflower, etc.), adapting their activities, staying stuck to their hot water bottle, etc. Today, we are proposing a new solution to add to your repertoire: a balm for soothing menstrual cramps. 

What you need:

  • 120 mls of arnica oil
  • 14 g of bees wax
  • 30 drops of clary sage essential oil
  • 30 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 20 drops of bergamot essential oil
  • 15 drops of ginger essential oil
  • a jar


1) Add the oil and the bees wax to a pot. Gently heat it until the wax is melted, and stir it well so that it is fully blended together.

2) When the mixture seems ready, pour it into your jar.

3) Leave it to cool for around ten minutes and then add the essential oils. Stir again.

4) Leave the balm to cool completely before covering it with the lid.

Credits: The Pistachio Project

To use it, apply the balm to the areas in which you have cramps (the back, lower abdomen, etc.) and massage it in. Repeat as necessary.


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