He makes a stove from next to nothing to save on heating costs

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The heating bill can weigh heavily on our budget during periods of cold weather. In order to make a few savings, why not try out this technique which allows you to heat a small room, or allows you to turn down the heating? This system can be created using things you are sure to have lying around the house, and it diffuses the heat you need during times when cold and ice reign supreme.  

What you need:

  • 4 nightlight candles (which will need to be replaced when they run down)
  • Two terracotta flower pots, one larger than the other
  • An iron cake tin
  • Something to block the drainage holes in the smaller pot.


1) Place the cake tin in an area in which there is no risk of fire (far away from the curtains…). Place the candles in the base of the cake tin and light them, being careful not to burn yourself.

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2) Put the smaller pot over the candles, over the centre of the cake tin.

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3) Plug the drainage hole in the pot so that the hot air concentrates in the heart of the pot.

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4) Carefully place the larger pot over the smaller one.

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5) You can light the candles in the morning and change them in the afternoon. These kinds of candles will generally burn for around four hours, so you need to remember to replace them.

This system doesn’t create any more heat than the candles themselves create. In fact, the goal here is not to only to trap the heat thanks to the ceramic which stops it from diffusing too quickly, but also to allow you to disperse the heat all over the room, rather than allowing it to simply rise to the ceiling (from where you would no longer be able to feel the heat).