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Microwaves: 6 functions you never knew it had!

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Microwaves can sometimes be man’s best friend.  Practical and simple to use, they are not only useful for reheating meals or defrosting meat from the freezer.  Microwaves have many other less heard of uses that can help us out in everyday life.  Although some of its uses are far from the field of cooking, these 6 functions will reconfirm the microwave as an essential kitchen appliance!

1) Disinfecting a sponge

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Sponges can often become dirty and smelly when they have been used for washing dishes for a while.  Instead of throwing them away, it is more environmentally friendly to put them in the microwave.  Soak your sponge with a few drops of vinegar, lemon juice or even a bit of washing up liquid before placing into a bowl filled with water.  Place the bowl into the microwave at full heat for one minute.  Your sponge will come out looking as good as new and ready to be confronted with a new pile of dirty dishes.

2) Cut your onions without shedding a tear

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If you have had enough of crying every time you cut an onion, why not use your microwave.  Peel your onion and then pierce it a few times with your knife then place in the microwave for thirty seconds.  The gas inside the onion which makes you cry will disappear and you can continue cooking in peace.

3) Peeling stamps from envelopes

This is a top tip for stamp collectors.  If you want to remove a stamp that is stuck to an envelope quickly and without ruining it, all you need to do is put a couple of drops of water on the stamp and then put the envelope into the microwave for around 20 seconds.  The hot water will unstick the stamp from the envelope so that you can preserve it.

4) Cleaning your microwave

Microwaves can help themselves.  If your microwave is dirty and smelly after having reheated your moussaka from the night before, you can use your microwave so that it is clean again.  All you need to do is place a bowl of water with a lemon cut in two into the microwave for 4 to 5 minutes.  The marks will be easier to remove and it will smell nicer.

5) Get rid of neck pain

If you suffer from neck pain your microwave can be your best ally. Fill a sock with uncooked rice, tie a knot and then place it into your microwave for a minute and a half.  All you have to do now is position the rice sock around your neck and appreciate the hot sensation.

6) Sterilize your dishcloths

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Dishcloths get used a lot and despite being washed bacteria and microbes can still be found on the material.  To help give your dishcloths a deep clean, place them one at a time into the microwave for 5 minutes a the highest power.  Your dishcloths will come out cleaner than ever before.

Microwaves are great at sterilizing.  They can disinfect many daily objects but also have many surprising functions that you may never have known about!

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