A miracle tip to fight against sweating

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Are you fed up with excessive sweating? Well then, this trick is for you. As you may already know, sweating is natural and it is actually important for your body in order to regulate its temperature and to eliminate toxins. Sweating itself doesn’t have any particular smell but bacterias proliferating on your armpits, your feet or your hands can create the embarrassing smell everyone hates. Here is a quick tip on how to reduce sweating.

What you’ll need:

  • Milk of magnesia

Step by step:

1) Wax your hair on the areas that sweat too much to see if it reduces the humidity. Indeed, a damp area creates the perfect environment for bacterias and hair tends to trap moisture.

2) Apply milk of magnesia onto the area.

3) Massage the skin until everything is absorbed

That’s it! Repeat each day until you get a good result.