Mix these two ingredients for an effective muscle relaxant

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When we start talking about muscles, we tend to think immediately of sporty types with stiff muscles from not having warmed up properly before exercising, or not having stretched out properly afterwards, or even getting cramps from having pushed themselves too hard. But the mixture we are suggesting today is not only for athletes, even if it is ideal for use before and after exercise! Anyone who suffers from muscle problems (resulting from poor posture, a pulled muscle or a sudden jolt, etc.) or muscle pain in general can turn to this easy-to-make treatment. 

The ingredients, in detail, are the following:

  • Arnica oil (macerated), whose anti-inflammatory properties can effectively combat pain.
  • Wintergreen essential oil, a natural analgesic that is highly anti-inflammatory. Its methyl salicylate means it acts like a derivative of aspirin. However, let’s be upfront and admit that it doesn’t exactly smell of roses… But it is so effective that we highly recommend that you use it.

For muscular problems, make note also of the following essential oils, which are great allies in this regard: lemon eucalyptus, Katafray and Lavandin Super, as well as St. John’s Wort macerating oil.

Credits: Pixabay / monicore

What you need:

  • 50 mls of Arnica oil (macerated)
  • 50 drops of wintergreen essential oil


1) You can pour the essential oil directly into the arnica oil if you are not planning on using the oils for other purposes.

Otherwise, pour the two ingredients into a clean, empty flask and mix them.

2) Massage a small amount of the mixture into the relevant muscle when it is at rest.

The mixture lightly heats the area and provides real soothing and a sensation of relaxation.


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