Here is why you must massage this area of the ear

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Stressed, anxious or nervous? Here is a relatively unknown technique which is however easy to do in order to relieve such conditions.  It was recommended in a national Russian television program.

It is the psychiatrist and doctor in medical science Mark Sandomirsky who presented this technique which was used in ancient China. An anti stress point called Shen Men or ‘the gate of heaven.’ By massaging it, we can diminish stress, stimulate our energy and strengthen our health.

Here are the tips which were given by Mark Sandomirsky in order to put into place this technique :

1. With the help of an earbud, apply pressure to this area and massage gently. Breathe deeply.

2. Continue to breathe deeply.

3. When you breathe in, look to the left and whilst you expire look to the right.

4. You will feel your body calming down.