You need only two things to make this tissue mask

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Tissue masks have become a huge beauty trend in the past year or two, with more and more brands offering their own takes on them. The advantage over an ordinary mask is that you often don’t need to rinse it off. You simply need to remove it, massage your face, and you’re all done! In short, they are quick and effective. However, the price is often quite expensive for a product that you are going to use once and throw in the bin. Today we have a nice inexpensive alternative that you can make from only two simple things.

What you need:

  • A compress OR a tissue
  • Your choice of hydrolate (flower water)

Choose the flower water depending on its properties and your own skin type, in order to treat your skin in accordance with your own needs. Here are a few examples:

For puffy eyes and dark circles: blueberry flower water

For dry skin: orange blossom or blueberry flower water

For combination or oily skin: witch hazel, geranium or lavender flower water

For acne-prone skin: yarrow, rosemary, geranium, peppermint or tea tree flower water

Mature skin: rock rose, lavender or sage flower water

For sensitive skin that is prone to allergic reacions (eczema, hives, etc.): Roman chamomile, or lemon balm flower water

For all skin types (the Swiss army knife of hydrolates!): rose water


1) If you are using a tissue, double it over.

2) Cut out spaces for the eyes, nose and mouth.

If you find this difficult, you can also cut the compress or the tissue into six pieces, that you then spread over your forehead, cheeks, nose, chin and above your lips.

3) Soak the whole lot in the flower water and apply it to your face (which should be clean and dry).

4) Leave it to dry fully before removing.

Sources – Image credits: Un blog beauté

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