Your new leather shoes, making you suffer? Put them in the freezer!

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The sales are now in full swing and you may get tempted by purchasing a new pair of leather shoes. If they are painful and need wearing in, there is a faster trick to make your shoes more comfortable quickly… freeze them!

Items need:

  • A freezer bag for each shoe.
  • A plastic bag.
  • A freezer.

How do I do it?

1. Fill your freezer bag with water and zip it shut. Place the bag inside your shoe, in the area of the shoe that you want to make larger.

2. Put your shoes inside the plastic bag and place in the freezer until the water inside the zipper bags have frozen. As the liquid freezes it will expand your shoes.

If your not screamish, put on your shoes immediately, the warmth of your feet will help the leather mould itself around your feet. You will deserve to have more comfortable shoes, after having put your feet inside freezing shoes!