Do not throw away your old sponges anymore! Reuse them

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Your old sponges can be used as germoir for your seed and thanks to them, you can grow plants easily. This type of germoir is a good compromise if you want to start gardening but don’t really have any equipment. They can create the perfect environment for your future plants.

Step by step:

1) Clean your sponge properly, you don’t want any soap residue on it.

2) Use alcohol vinegar to disinfect your sponge and get rid of any bacteria.

3) Rinse it off abundantly and squeeze it in your hand to remove excess water. You only want the sponge to be half dried, half wet.

4) Use the small pores of your sponge to put your seeds such as millet, red clover, purslane or even flax.

5) Find a bright place for your sponge. Water slightly each morning.

It won’t be long before they start to sprout. You will be able to use these to liven up your salad. After all this, you can throw away the sponge.