One ingredient can prevent your black clothes from turning grey

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Black clothes are always flattering on any body type and it is a go-to colour if you want a classy outfit. A lot of people wear black garments each day but when you put these in your washing machine, it becomes difficult to maintain their initial colour. Over time, black fades away and gives way to boring greyish tones. And quite often -because of the different types of fabric or dyes that have been used- some black items don’t wash out in the same way. So finally, you may end up with 50 shades of black in your wardrobe and when you want to wear a totally black outfit, the top and the bottom black colours may not really match. Here is how to prevent this phenomenon from happening.

What you’ll need :

  • Black pepper

Step by step :

1) Prepare your washing machine as usual with all your black clothes.

2) Pour 1 teaspoon of black pepper directly onto drum with your clothes. You shouldn’t put it in the compartment where you put your washing powder or liquid.

3) Turn on your washing machine as usual. And…that’s it!