One simple tip to wash your hair less often

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Having hair that gets greasy quickly is a real scourge. The worst is when you have spent ages washing and drying your hair, only for it to get greasy again the following day, as if you had never bothered! If you are all to familiar with the horrible sensation of feeling like you put your hair into a deep fat fryer, this tip will help you space out your shampoos a little longer. After all, we know that washing your hair too often isn’t good for it (not to mention the waste of water!).

Caution: this tip is not ideal if you dye your hair, as it can lighten the colour of your hair.

What you need:

  • Your usual shampoo (adapted to your hair type)
  • Lemon essential oil


1) Put one dose of shampoo into a bowl (100 mls).

2) Add 10 drops of lemon essential oil and mix well.

3) Shampoo your hair as normal, massaging the product well in to your scalp.

4) Repeat each time your wash your hair, and you will quickly see results.


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