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Pantry Moths: how to get rid of these pests with 5 simple methods

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Pantry moths (also known as food moths) can quickly invest your kitchen.  However getting rid of these pesky insects can be a real pain.  Whether you use insecticide or undertake a  deep clean, it takes time and a lot of patience to put an end to the infestation.  However there are many more traditional techniques which are less dangerous for our health and our environment which can effectively get rid of pantry months. 

Beforehand :

  • Thoroughly clean your cupboards with white vinegar
  • Take time to clean your whole kitchen thoroughly to avoid pantry moths from returning
  • Use glass jars instead of original packaging to store your food.
  • Get rid of food which is already infested

1) Impressive power of natural herbs

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Bay leaves, lavender and even thyme (in simple sachets of dried leaves) can prevent these pests from invading your cupboards. Place the herbs close to your food.  The smell of these natural herbs will get rid of even the most determined moth.

2) Garlic is the sworn enemy of pantry moths

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Garlic doesn’t ward off just vampires, it can also scare away pantry moths as well.  These pesky little moths will disappear for good if you simply place a few garlic cloves in your cupboards.  A great natural solution!

3) Essential oils are a remedy for all woes

Essential oils are useful in many situations but they are also great at getting rid of pantry moths. Simply add a few drops of essential oils to a spay bottle of clean water.  You can even mix the scents from eucalyptus to peppermint or even citronella.  All are available in most organic supermarkets.

4) Cloves can do wonders

A little clove can quickly get rid of pantry moths.  Place a few cloves into your cupboards straight away and this spice will bring an end to these annoying pests which can’t stand the smell!

5) Pheromone traps can tire them out

Available in organic shops and bigger supermarkets, this natural trap attracts males thanks to a sticky sheet which is soaked in pheromones.  Once they have been trapped that have no chance to survive.  The females can therefore no longer be fertilised.  It is best to change the trap every six weeks to ensure the most effective results.

Pantry moths are annoying pests that can really wind us up.  However you can get rid of these pesky moths with very simple techniques that are accessible to everyone.

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