The perfect way to look after your waxed floors

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A waxed floor has a certain timeless charm, with plenty of character. But like many high quality materials, it can be delicate and looking after it can be a real headache. One bad experience is enough to let you know how much your waxed floor HATES water. Water dries it out, leaving it looking dull. So where can you turn, when even water is the enemy? How can you preserve the beauty of your precious waxed floor? 

1) Weekly upkeep

It is best to vacuum every week without fail. Dust is very bad for waxed floors and nothing but a good vacuum cleaning once a week can protect it. A microfibre brush moistened with a little water (very little) is another handy tool for gathering dust from every little nook and cranny.

2) Shine it up once a month

Every month (or every second month at most), use linseed oil to clean and shine up your floor. It is an eco-friendly, inexpensive product, and truly works wonders on wood. Apply it to a dust-free, dry floor. Pour a little into a container, put a small quantity on a dry cloth and use it to coat the entire floor. This oil will protect the wood from moisture and allow it to breath. The effect will be gleaming.

3) A deep treatment twice a year

Twice a year minimum, sand your floor and apply a coat of wax. Repeat the following day and use a wool cloth to polish up everything. Your floor will be left shiny and beautiful.


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