How to prevent and fight against muscular cramps?

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Cramps are unexpected muscular cramps which can be surprising due to their violence and their painfulness. They can be disabling because they come about in periods of great activity. They are often connected to fatigue. Several tips can help prevent them and make them dissapear more quickly. 

In order to prevent cramps :

  • Drink a lot. Muscles which are not well hydrated have less access to minerals which are necessary for them to function well.
  • Increase your intake of magnesium. You will find these in lentils, green vegetables and chocolate.
  • Increase your intake of potassium. You will find these in dried fruit, in particular apricot and banana.

Whilst doing sport :

  • Take the time to warm up correctly.
  • Drink regularly during sport by taking little sips.
  • Choose a material and a sports outfit adapted to your physique.

In the case of cramps :

  • Immediately stop all effort. Lie down or sit down.
  • Stretch the muscle slowly, progressively and breathe deeply.
  • Massage the muscle with for example arnica oil.
  • Apply hot compresses onto the muscle.

Generally, limit certain factors such as the cold, fatigue and the consumption of stimulating substances such as coffee, alcohol, tea or tabacco.