Prevent stretch marks during pregnancy with these 7 tips

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 3) Exercice

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Exercise is great for circulation and for skin elasticity. But of course you can’t just do any old sport, and you need to find something suitable for pregnant women, that doesn’t involve a risk of falling or involve jolts or impact on the body. But you still have a wide range of options available: yoga, stretching, Pilates, Kegel exercises, etc. (NB: note that yoga is not recommended during the first 3 months of pregnancy).

4) Keep an eye on your weight

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Your body is already going to stretch greatly during pregnancy -it is better not to add to this by eating huge amounts. Of course, a pregnant woman needs more calories, but don’t see this as an excuse to overeat! Overly rapid weight gain will be sure to stretch the skin out too quickly, almost guaranteeing stretch marks. Weight gain should be progressive and within reason.

5) Dry brushing

This technique exfoliates the skin, keeps it in good health and helps reduce and prevent stretch marks. Go for a brush with natural fibres and stiff bristles. Focus on any areas of cellulite, but avoid areas in which the skin is very sensitive. You can take a bath afterwards to wash away the dead skin cells.

Regular exfoliation is important for healthy skin -don’t forget about it!