Extend your phone battery life with these 8 tips

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Does your phone battery never last more than a day? In certain situations, this can get very annoying. But don’t blame your innocent phone, it’s not the fault of your trusty companion, but your insatiable hunger for all sorts of apps! Here are a few practical tips for making the most of your phone charges.

1/ Activate vibrate

As melodious as it is, in fact your ring tone is a real energy drain!

2/ Lower the screen brightness

There is no good in having a blindingly bright screen. Reducing the brightness of your screen will gain you a few extra hours of battery life, as well as sparing your fragile peepers.

3/ Only allow the notifications you really need

Keep your essential notifications, such as texts or emails, but deactivate the banners and sounds for Snapchat, Facebook, or other apps that aren’t vital. You can adjust this in your phone’s settings.

4/ Keep your phone out of extreme heat or cold

Blistering heat or glacial cold are no friends of your mobile phone! Whether you’re out skiing or on the beach, protect it with a heat resistant cover, or leave it at home.

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5/ Activate back-lit mode for reading the time, or wear a watch

Do you rely on your phone to keep an eye on the time? Active the back-lit mode if this is an option on your phone – the numbers will stay back-lit when the phone is on standby, so you can look at the time without lighting up your phone every three minutes. If your phone doesn’t have this option, consider buying yourself a watch!

6/ Do a purge of your apps

Do you really need an app to help you find the toilets in a strange city? Especially when it sends you endless notifications, only draining your battery further… Do a purge, and keep only what you need.

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7/ Put your phone on flight mode when you are not using it

Do you want to save a little battery before heading off somewhere that you are not sure of finding a place to charge your phone? Your battery can last for several days on flight mode, without needing to be charged.

8/ Deactivate WiFi if there is no WiFi coverage

It may seem a thing of nothing, but WiFi drains your battery big time. And even when you are out of WiFi range, it stays active, and keeps searching for a network to connect to. Deactivate WiFi mode if you are not using a WiFi connection.


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