How to put on a duvet cover : the magical burrito method!

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Putting on a duvet cover, is always tedious! We have the simple answer to avoid this forced labour! All you need to do is follow the tutorial video  and instructions, take note all you need to remember is how to turn your duvet cover before beginning.


Step 1: place the duvet cover on the bed inside out

Step 2: place the duvet on top of the cover

Step 3: Roll both the duvet and duvet cover simultaneously towards the top of the bed starting at the closed end of the duvet cover

Step 4: You will now have attained  a Burrito all you need to do is open the duvet cover and reach in

Step 5: take the end of the burrito and pull it through to the other side

Step 6: Repeat this to the other end of the duvet

Step 7: Pull through the rest of it

Step 8: Start unrolling the duvet and duvet cover

Step 9: Straighten the material

See below the video