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What are the healthiest cooking methods to make use of?

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A healthy diet does not only concern the food which we eat but the preparation is equally important.   A grilled vegetable for example does not have the same benefits as a steamed vegetable. Here are several elements which will help you understand more the importance of cooking for your health. 

  • Avoid over heating your food: frying your food or cooking it in the oven often exceeds 180°C. You can check that you remain below this temperature by investing in a pan which has a dot which goes red when the temperature is too high.
  • Choose pans or casseroles  which have a thick base in order to reduce the impact of the temperature.
  • Use extra virgin olive oil or lemon juice to cook your food: they absorb the harmful molecules from the cooking.
  • Don’t be scared of butter: you can also it to cook your food but watch that it doesn’t turn black.
  • Rather steam your food or cook it as a papillotes.

Try to use glass, stainless steel or cast iron casseroles. These materials are inert and therefore do not risk to create harmful molecules whilst cooked.