The radical way to get rid of lice

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Despite your repeated efforts, lice resist. In order for you to finally get rid of them, follow this granny tip.

You will need :

  • a bath cap
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Olive oil (or a simple conditioner)
  • A lice comb

What to do ?

1. Apply the apple cider vinegar onto dry hair.

2. Apply a bath cap onto your head and allow the apple cider vinegar to react for 20 to 30 min.

3. Rinse and apply a conditioner or olive oil onto the head in order to be able to comb your hair with a lice comb.

4. Remove a maximum of the lice with the comb onto damp hair, then on dry hair.

5. By precaution you can repeat the treatment 3 days later.