A recipe for a green clay mask which helps combat greasy skins

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Green clay has not stopped amazing us. Renowned for its many beneficial properties, one can add to the list that it is also an extremely good base for masks to combat greasy skins.

Material needed :

  • Green clay powder
  • Lemon essential oil known for its cleansing properties
  • Thyme extract

What to do ?

1. In a bowl, mix three soup spoons of green clay powder with two teaspoons of thyme extract.

2. Add  4 spoons of lemon essential oil. You should obtain a smooth and homogenous mixture which can be easily applied onto your face. If the mixture is too compact, add a teaspoon of water.

3. Clean your face before spreading it onto your face. Allow it to react for 10 to 20 minutes.

3. Rince the mask with lukewarm water. You can regularly use this natural recipe which is a lot less aggressive than the purifying lotions sold in the shops.