Recycle glass bottles with these 11 creative ideas!

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Whether you’re a big drinker, or just enjoy a little tipple from time to time, you are sure to have accumulated a few empty glass bottles, that you are too lazy to bring to the recycling bin! Instead of filling up the overflowing bins, why not reuse them? Here are 11 inventive decor ideas that can help make the most of your home, both inside and out!

1/ Hanging lights

Add a vintage look to your dining room!

2/ Make pretty flower vases

Slip a few roses and some foliage into beer bottles that you have repainted for the occasion, to revive a jaded interior.

3/ An XXL fragrance diffuser

For a long lasting fragrance, reuse small bottles of olive oil or mini vodka bottles, and add a few drops of essential oils and diffuser sticks.

4/ Stylish jewelry holders

To organise all your chains and bracelets, paint a few bottles in pure white.

5/ Utensil jars

By cutting the neck off of a glass bottle (making sure to smooth down the cut edges), you have the perfect holder for your wooden spoons and spatulas. Don’t forget to remove the label if it isn’t too attractive!

6/ Book holders

Fill your bottle with pebbles so that they are heavy enough to support the weight of the books on your bookshelf.