4 easy ways to reduce your double chin

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3) Massages
Your hands should always go upwards. The movement starts from the chin and then reaches the ears. Massages can be really effective but you also have to be really regular otherwise you might not notice any difference.
How to? 
  • Alternately, the right hand presses the area from the left earlobe to the right earlobe and the left hand presses from the right earlobe to the left one.
  • With both thumbs, do circular motion starting from the middle and going outwards to reach the ears. This really helps to unglog the whole area.
  • Clench your fists and use your phalanxes to knead the area starting from the chin and going to the ears.

4) Exercise

1) Chew sugarless chewing-gums to tone up your muscles.

2) Press your tongue onto your palate to strengthen the muscles.


While doing this, look up and then look down without rounding your back. Repeat several times.

3) Kisses

Place your lips as if you were about to give a kiss and pull your lips on each side several times.

4) X – O – X – O…


Pronounce the letters X and O repeatedly. Don’t forget to exaggerate.

5) Repetitive rotations with your head.


You can do it as much as you like, it’s good for your muscles.


You can even stretch while doing it but don’t round your back. Do this 10 times on each side for 10 seconds.

Vous pouvez aussi vous étirer pour avoir le même effet mais veillez à ne pas tasser et voûter la tête. Faites 10 fois de chaque côté pendant 10 secondes à chaque fois.

6) Pull faces!

It create a tension on your neck area qui strengthens the muscles.Stick your tongue out as much as possible. Place the tip of your fingers on your cheeks and pull your skin. Cover your upper lip with your lower lip and smile. Repeat 5 times for each.

7) The pigeon


Do this 30 seconds and repeat 3 times.

8) The headlift

Lie down straight on your bed with face-up, keep your neck on the edge of your bed. Curl and lift your head to your chest. Your shoulders have to be flat on the bed. Hold on for 10 seconds, return back to the starting position and take a break before starting again.