Remove stains on wood: a different technique for each type of stain

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Stains are part of our everyday life but removing them can be tricky because we never quite know which method we should pick. It is even worst on wood because your furniture can be left with traces if you don’t deal with stains properly. So here is the best method for each type of stain.

Pen stains

Use rubbing alcohol to rub the stain. If the stain is stil visible after that, mix a few drops of ammonia with hydrogen peroxyde.

Grease stains

Soak the stain with acetone or trichloroethylene and pour China clay on top. Allow it to set fir a few minutes and clean the area.

Water stains

Cover the stain with mayonnaise for about 10 minutes. Wipe with a dry cloth. You can also try to use your blow dryer to remove the stain.

A burn

Rub methylated spirit on the stain and then use a wood wax. If there is a hole, sand the area and use a wood paste to fill in the hole.