Say goodbye to hard water stains in your toilet

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Sometimes, unglamourous brownish stains appear on your toilet. These stains are mainly caused by hard water. Scrubing can be exhausting and it can be difficult to remove these stains because the toilet brush cannot reach every single stain. This method could really make a difference and would make your toilet cleaner than ever without using toxic products. Il is also amazing if you want to remove bad smells. 

What you’ll need :

  • White vinegar (warm if possible to make it even more effective)
  • Toilet paper
  • Toilet

Step by step :

1) Remove as much water as possible in your toilet.


2) Replace this water by a generous amount of white vinegar, it is important to cover all the stains in the bottom of the basin.


3) Soak toilet paper with vinegar and put it all around the toilet area. Let this set overnight.

zzz zzzz

4) Scrape the bottom of the basin to get rid of all the minerals which are agglutinated there.


5) Remove the toilet paper and throw it away.


6) Scrape gently all the areas where there was toilet paper. Flush the toilet.


Here is the video: