Say goodbye to oil splatter stains with this one effective product

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A kitchen is never safe from stains. And the worst are without a doubt the ones we don’t see at first glance, but which appear once we get close to them. And the most difficult marks are undoubtedly the marks left by oil that splattered during cooking, which we may not see at the time, but which nonetheless adorn our cooker, surfaces, walls or microwave. The best solution for such oil splatters is to fight fire with fire (or in this case, remove oil with oil). 

And to prevent splatters and cooking odours, have a look at this effective tip.

What you need:

  • A few sheets of kitchen paper or a cloth
  • Mineral oil

Vegetable oil can also work in the short term, but it can become yellowish and sticky over time. Therefore go for mineral oil, which you can also use to protect wood (chopping boards, salad bowls, etc.).


1) Take a sheet of kitchen paper and pour a few drops of mineral oil on to it.

2) Scrub the stains, which won’t put up much resistance!

Credits: themanlyhousekeeper

3) Take another sheet of kitchen roll and wipe the area you have just cleaned. This will leave the area with barely any oil left on it, which will make future cleaning even easier.


Credits: themanlyhousekeeper
Credits: themanlyhousekeeper


Credits: themanlyhousekeeper