A scrub to get rid of dull, winter skin

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When your skin is bright and radiant, you give off an aura of health that simply can’t be replaced. Allow us to let you in on a little secret: exfoliation is key when it comes to fighting off the dryness that gets into your skin over the course of the long winter. And if you tend to forget this key step, thinking that it’s not important, you will soon see that the endless layers of creams and serums you apply will do no good. This step is crucial, as it removes the dead skin cells which are obstructing the skin, preventing it from ever being fully clean. Finally, using a scrub can make the other products you use more effective. Here is how to make your own exfoliant, which is gentle enough for skin made sensitive by the cold of winter, but effective enough to give your skin a bright radiance.

What you need:

  • 225 g sugar (the finer the grain, the better)
  • Half a grapefruit
  • 3 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 3 dessertspoons of avocado oil
  • A clean and empty airtight container
Credits: Helloglow


1) Squeeze the grapefruit and strain any seeds or pulp out of the juice.

2) Mix this juice with the sugar in a container, and then add the avocado oil and stir.

Credits: Helloglow

3) Finish by adding the drops of essential oil and remember to stir it well to ensure all the ingredients are fully mixed together.

4) Pour the whole lot into your airtight container.

5) Take a pea sized amount and apply it to a clean face. Massage it to the face and neck, using only the middle finger and the ring finger (in order to apply less pressure), in gentle circular movements. Avoid the eye area.

6) Work it well into the lips, which need extra care after a long winter.

7) Rinse with hot water and apply your usual moisturiser and/or serum.

This mixture will keep in the fridge for just over a week. It can also be used on the body.

Credits: Helloglow


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