Simple method for healing a spot overnight

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There are few things more annoying in life than noticing a swelling or little pain where you see a spot developing. Very quickly, you know it’s going to grow to a prominent size, that will make it difficult to ignore. At such moments, we start to feel that everyone is staring at the spot, and it’s all we can see any time we look in the mirror. 

When we find ourselves in this situation, attack is the best solution! And although it is not recommended that you squeeze the spot, regardless of how big it is, sometimes it’s hard to resist! So whether or not you squeeze it, here is how to heal a spot overnight, thanks to this one cooking ingredient that lends itself to rapid healing.

What you need:

  • Honey (it kills bacteria, helps the skin to heal and keeps the area sterile)
  • A plaster


1) Wash your face. It is never recommended that you apply a treatment to unwashed skin.

2) Take a drop of honey and apply it to the redness or the spot.

3) To avoid getting it all over your sheets and to keep the honey in place, cover it with a plaster while you sleep.

The next day, the spot should be greatly reduced, if it hasn’t disappeared completely!