Simple technique for making a band aid stay on for longer

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Little cuts and nicks aren’t only the preserve of clumsy people! Without mention of carelessness, cutting ourselves while cooking or getting a paper cut has happened to the best of us (and we are agreed that paper cuts are alarmingly painful, right?) And in such cases, there is nothing for it but to reach for a good old band aid to protect the cut. But band aids aren’t perfect either! Whether they are water-resistant or otherwise, they always end up coming off fairly quickly, and if the cut doesn’t heal quickly, we can go through industrial quantities of plasters. Here is a technique that will help your plasters to stay in place for longer. 

What you need:

  • A plaster
  • A scissors


1) Cut the plaster in two, cutting lengthways, with the adhesive side facing up.

2) Place your finger down on the plaster, and fold the bottom part diagonally upwards.

Credits : Screenshot / Youtube / The Doctors

3) Do the same on the other side.

Credits : Screenshot / Youtube / The Doctors
Credits : Screenshot / Youtube / The Doctors

4) Finish by wrapping the top part of the plaster around your finger as normal. This will keep the diagonal parts in place. With this technique, you can put an end to plasters that come off a few seconds after applying them.

Credits : Screenshot / Youtube / The Doctors

A quick recap:

Credits: Pulptastic

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