Simple technique to soften butter in just a few seconds

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There are many things we don’t want to have to bother with in the mornings, when our eyes aren’t quite yet fully open, and our body urgently needs coffee and toast in order to get the day started. It is at such times that we can lose patience when the butter comes out of the fridge rock solid, and refuses to spread properly. The most “skilled” among us also know the irritation of the bread crumbling apart the minute you try to butter it. To start the day with your toast or bread perfectly buttered, have a look at this tip, which will allow you to soften the butter perfectly in a few seconds flat. Baking fans are also sure to appreciate this tip for any time they need soft butter for a recipe.

What you need:

  • A block of butter on a plate
  • A glass


1) Take the amount of butter you need and put it on a plate.

2) Fill the glass with very hot water and leave it to stand for one minute (the time it takes for the glass to heat up).

3) Empty the water, quickly dry the glass and place it upside down over the butter.

4) Wait one or two minutes, for perfectly soft butter that is ready to use.



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