A simple way to test whether eggs are still fresh and OK to use

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Do you suspect your fresh eggs might be less than really fresh? Have a carton of eggs with an expiration date that’s already passed? This might happen if you buy too much eggs and never get to use them as much as you want to. But don’t toss them just yet and try this easy tip to see if your eggs are still okay to use without even cracking them.


What you’ll need:

– A glass

– Cold water

– (Ice)

Step by step:

1) Fill in the glass with water.

2) Add a little bit of ice to make sure it’s really cold.


3) Drop your egg gently.

  • A fresh egg will drop fast like a rock.
  • A less fresh egg will drop slower and bounce at the bottom but it can still be used.
  • A bad egg will float at the top like a dead fish. You can’t use it!

The reason why it works is because the shell is porous and over time air passes through the shell and diminishes it. Thus the eggs become more and more buoyant.