A special perfume for great smelling hair

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The idea of a hair perfume may seem a little unnecessary to some people…. But when the fresh smell of our hair products fades too quickly, it could be a nice idea. Besides wanting to camouflage unpleasant odours in the hair such as the smell of oil or cigarette smoke, wanting to use a perfume for your hair could simply mean that you have an eye for detail, that smelling great is important to you, and that you simply enjoy the pleasure of being constantly surrounded by a fresh fragrance. Instead of investing in a special hair perfume that could be expensive if bought in a shop, try out this simple and effective mixture that won’t be too heavy on your hair. 

What you need:

  • 45 drops of the essential oils of your choice (we recommend 14 drops of your chosen top/head notes, 22 drops of middle/heart notes and 9 drops of base notes)
  • 10 mls of vodka or witch hazel to allow the water and the oils to mix (you could also potentially choose aloe vera or jojoba oil, but this can reduce the fragrance and the oil could be heavier on the hair).
  • 100 mls distilled water or rose water
  • A tinted glass spray container

If you would like to use vodka, but you are worried that it may damage your hair, note that the alcohol will be too diluted in the mixture to have any harmful effects!


1) Mix your essential oils well together.

Credits: RubiesandRadishes

2) Add your chosen ingredient for getting the water and oil to mix (vodka, aloe vera, oil, etc.).

Credits: RubiesandRadishes

3) Finish with distilled water or rose water and mix well.

Credits: RubiesandRadishes

4) Transfer everything into your flask. Shake the bottle before each use.

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