How to strengthen and soften your hair thanks to a homemade mask

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Do you want to find your hair strengthened, supple and shiny? Discover this moisturising mask with coco milk! 

You will need:

– 2 soup spoons of honey

– 2 soup spoons of olive oil

– The yolk of an egg

– 5 soup spoons of coconut milk (get the Suai Wan brand, which is available in supermarkets)

What to do ?

1. Mix the above ingredients in a bowl with the help of a whisk or a robot.  Apply it all over your hair from the roots to the tips. In order to help you separate your hair into 4 parts in order to spread the entire mask. Leave this mask on your hair for as long as possible (for a mimimum of 1h).

2. Rinse and then wash your hair.

3. Do this 1 a week for a minimum of 1 month in order to make your hair grow longer!