Surprising tip for saving on batteries in your remote control

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While batteries were once very commonly used in everyday life, it is no longer the case nowadays, and we barely use them any more. For example, our MP4 functions perfectly well without them, whereas back in the day you could hardly leave home without a few spare AAs! Therefore, we tend not to have the same kind of stock of batteries in various shapes and sizes that we once used to. And if we can make the stock we do have last for as long as possible, we’re not going to say no! This is the subject of this article, for the everyday object that still stubbornly demands batteries: the remote control! If you have only one battery to hand, while your remote control requires two, this is the tip for you! 

What you need:

  • A new battery
  • A screw the same size as the battery


1) Remove the batteries that are dead.

2) Insert the new battery into the remote control.

3) Insert your screw into the space for the other battery. It should look like this:

Credits: Life Hacks

4) Replace the cover. It works!

Video demonstration:

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