Tips for keeping fresh bread for longer

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The shelf life of fresh bread all depends on what type of flour is used. White bread won’t last as long as others. For whichever bread you are using, there are a few tips to make it last for longer, some of which are obvious but can be forgotten.

  • Don’t leave your bread out. Also don’t store it in plastic. Paper bags or tea towls are best.
  • Don’t precut your bread. If you keep it as one loaf, it will retain its moisture inside and you will only need to cut the dry thin slice off the end.
  • Place your bread in the oven after moistening the crust.
  • Freeze your bread into portions, the amount you use on a daily basis. You will only need to place it in the microwave when you need some bread.

Too late? Has your bread dried out? Don’t fret you can still use the bread, break it down into breadcumbs or make it into croutons for soup and salads.