Tips for soothing a spastic colon

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A poor diet is often the cause of colon problems. If you are regularly affected by this pain it is perhaps time to reassess your food habits:

Limit agressive elements :

  • Avoid eating too much meat. Replace it with fish, eggs or a mixture of cereals and leguminous foods.
  • Limit coffee. You can replace it with chicory.
  • Remplace products with guten (wheat flour) with foods which are made from gluten free flour such as quinoa, rice or buckwheat.
  • Reduce your intake of dairy products. You can replace it with milk or vegetable desserts. Rather eat dairy products which are made from goats milk or sheep.

Choose healthy foods :

  • Increase your intake of vegetables which are steamed or cooked in a wok.
  • Eat fruit regularly, especially as a snack or before meals. When you consume them after a meal, they ferment and produce gas which can be painful.
  • Sprinkle  tumeric (which has anti inflammatory properties) onto your food which can soothe your colon quickly.

By gradually adopting these new diet habits you will not destabilize your digestive system and your problems should slowly disappear.