Dieting: 5 tips to avoid gaining weight after a diet

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Lots of people start a diet whether as a new years resolution, an attempt to get the perfect bikini bod or so as to fit into that dream dress.  However the majority of people who start a diet put the pounds back on only a few months in.  Why is this?  Our body sees this dieting period as a period of restriction.  In some ways you could say it is a period of torture.  These restrictions understandable leads to frustration which makes us “crack” by eating sugary or fatty foods.  However here are several great techniques to help prevent the “yoyo effect” when it comes to dieting.

1) Learn how to appreciate the scales

Before starting a diet, the scales are often your worst enemy.  However you need to get the scales out of the cupboard the moment you stop dieting.  The scales can help you see where you are at.  You shouldn’t become obsessed by weighing yourself each morning and watching your weight change by a few digits. Once every week is enough so that you can more easily alter you diet if you start to see any drastic changes.

2) Take your time to chew your food

Chewing well is key in reducing the amount of food ingested.  By taking time to eat your food you increase the length of your meals.  Your brain will then send your body signals to say it is full for less food than we would eat normally.  Eating quickly is not advised as we will eat more than our body needs. You should instead chew your food well and take your time to eat your meals.

3) Eat every meal

People who want to lose weight quickly often are more likely to miss certain meals which is a big mistake.  This can cause you to regain weight after a diet.  Skipping a meals leads to annoyance and hunger which then makes us rummage around in the fridge a couple of hours later.  To avoid snacking on unhealthy food your should never skip meals.

4) Do sport

A diet is often accompanied by practising a regular sport to build up your muscle mass.  By doing physical activities, it is easier to tone your body and keep it in good shape.   Sport is therefore very important to continue after following a diet so you don’t start putting on the pounds again.

5) Enjoy yourself

Frustration is the easiest reason start eating unhealthy food.  You need to stop feeling guilty about eating sweet food and allow yourself to have a few treats every now and then.  By giving yourself this freedom you are more likely to maintain a balanced and healthy diet than if your prevent yourself from eating all sweet or fatty foods.

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