Treat a sore throat naturally with these 9 foods

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A sore throat can be a symptom of an infection such as a cold, a flu, or even pharyngitis. You can also develop a sore throat due to allergies, breathing in poor quality air or smoking. In order to soothe such sore throats, there are healthy foodstuffs which have a direct effect on the pain. Here are 9 foods that treat a sore throat naturally and without medication. 

1/ Lemon and honey

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These are the most commonly used foods for sore throats. Two spoons of lemon with one spoon of honey can effectively fight against a sore throat.

2/ Chicken soup

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Chicken soup, which is often used for sore throats, works directly on your symptoms. The soup acts as an anti-inflammatory, and prevents the virus from coming into contact with the mucous membranes.

3/ Garlic and onion

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Both containing sulphur, garlic and onion free mucous from the respiratory passages. They are powerful antibiotics, and effectively fight against infections. Consuming these two foods will reduce the symptoms of a sore throat.

4/ Ginger or honey tea

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Ginger tea has a very strong anti-inflammatory action on the organism. Honey is also an antibiotic which fights against infection. Both options are equally effective for sore throats.

5/ Sage

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This plant has been used since antiquity for its medicinal properties, particularly for soothing sore throats. It contains enzymes which control oxygen, flavonoids and phenolic acids, which act on areas of inflammation. Sage can be taken in a tea or a soup.

6/ Oatmeal

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Mixed with honey or banana, oatmeal is a very healing food when it comes to sore throats. Its high fibre and protein content means it simultaneously reduces cholesterol and improves your physical condition.

7/ Cooked carrots

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Carrots contain vitamins A, C, and K, fibre and potassium, which means they strengthen the immune system, in order to help it fight off sore throats more easily. Raw carrots are not recommended, as they irritate the throat, and can increase the inflammation.

8/ Bananas

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The nutrients contained in bananas – vitamin C and B6 as well as potassium – act directly on pain from a sore throat.

9/ Scrambled eggs or egg whites

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The protein in eggs eases sore throats, and reduces inflammation.


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