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Treat headaches and fatigue with these 8 foods

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Fatigue can strike at any time of day. It can be due to a poor diet (a lack of nutrients), a lack of sleep, high levels of physical effort or even stress. Rather than reaching for medication, there are other healthier methods for fighting against fatigue and headaches – namely certain foods. Here are 8 foods that will help you reduce stress and headaches and that will give you that little boost you need.

1) Dried fruit


Eating dried fruit is a good way of beating headaches and muscle tension. Thanks to the vitamin B and fatty acids they contain, dried fruit have an effect on the brain, the nervous system and the cardiovascular system.

2) Lentils


Lentils contain high quantities of iron, carbohydrates, nutrients and proteins, and they are often used to fight fatigue. Considered one of the healthiest dried vegetables, lentils also combat headaches.

3) Milk


Milk is rich in tryptophans, and triggers the production of serotonin in the brain. The effects of serotonin reduce fatigue and promote feelings of well-being.

4) Lean meat


The advantage of lean meats lies in its low fat content, which thus means higher quantities of protein and carbohydrates. Lean meats also aid concentration and alertness, thanks to the production of tyrosine, an amino acid. The vitamin B12 it contains combats the symptoms of fatigue and depression.