A tropical mask for extremely dry and damaged hair

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We are heading in to summer, which we tend to think of as the worst season for our hair. And between the ravages of the sun and the salt in the sea water, you certainly need to take care. However, the winter that is behind us was no walk in the park either, with wind and rain, the heating up to full blast in the home, and using straighteners or curlers to put shape on the resulting unruly mess. What you are left with: coarse hair, with split ends, and your scalp in a sorry state in general. Here is a papaya based mask which could make all the difference, especially to the ends of your hair. 

What you need:

  • A very ripe papaya
  • A natural yoghurt
  • Sweet almond oil


1) Peel the papaya and cut it into pieces. You can leave the pulp as well as the seeds.

2) Use a fork to mash it into a purée.

3) Once that is done, add the yoghurt as well as a few drops of sweet almond oil.

4) Make sure to stir it well until you obtain a smooth, even paste.

5) Apply it strand my strand, massaging it in. Focus on the lengths and the ends.

6) Leave it to work for a half an hour, by putting your hair in a bun or tucking it into a shower cap. Complete the treatment by rinsing with lukewarm water, but without shampooing.

Bonus tip: apply a few drops of chamomile essential oil to your scalp while it is still damp, and leave it to dry naturally.


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