Try this non-toxic cleaner for your car upholstery

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It can sometimes surprise us to see how attached we have become to our cars. We may believe that we only use it for getting from A to B, but it accompanies us through so many adventures that we can end up having genuine affection for it: holidays, spur of the moment karaoke nights, and a whole range of other experiences that make us appreciate our vehicles for their sentimental value. And there is also their financial value, when it comes to buying them and looking after them.

So to help you look after your beloved Betsy, we have previously put together a whole host of tips: a scratch removal tip for your windows, cleaning tips for every nook and cranny of your car, how to get rid of dents, and how to avoid fog or frost building up inside the windscreen. And to complete your arsenal of tips and tricks for looking after you car, today we have a ‘recipe’ for a non-toxic cleaner to have to hand for easily removing unwanted stains on your four wheeled friend.

What you need:

  • 120 ml distilled white vinegar
  • 240 ml sparkling water
  • 120 ml non toxic washing up liquid
  • 60 ml lemon juice
  • A brush and a cloth for wiping stains
  • A spray flask


1) Pour the vinegar into the flask. Add the sparkling water.

2) Add the washing up liquid as well as the lemon juice.

3) Mix it gently until all the ingredients are well mixed together.

4) In order to use it, spray a moderate quantity on to your car upholstery.

5) Scrub it with a brush until the stains disappear. You can add a little more of the cleaning spray during the operation if necessary. Wipe it down.