Try this home made organic diaper cream: liniment oleo-calcaire

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Why persist with petrochemicals that are harmful to our children, or baby wipes which are disastrous for the environment, when we have the option of making an effective, inexpensive product, which lasts ages and is made in no time, and which also takes care of our little ones’ sensitive skin? Liniment oleo-calcaire is a hit with mums who like to live organically. This diaper cream is like no other – it is easy to use and contains only good ingredients! It works wonders on a baby’s bum, as it can help re-establish a neutral pH in the area. Here is how to make it. 

What you need:

For 200 mls of product

  • A flask
  • 100 mls lime water (which can be bought in pharmacies)
  • 100 mls of vegetable oil (e.g., extra virgin olive oil, grapeseed oil, apricot seed oil or sweet almond oil [for dry skin])
  • 5 drops of grapefruit seed extract (to preserve the product for over two weeks)
  • Optional: 4 g of bees wax to emulsify the product and produce an even texture (available from health shops or on the internet)

We have provided the complete recipe here, but many mums simply mix lime water with vegetable oil in equal quantities.


1) Put the oil and the wax into a bain marie, and melt it all together.

2) Once it is well melted, add the lime water and gently stir it with a fork.

3) Add the grapefruit seed extract to the creamy mixture you have just obtained.

4) When your mixture is ready, pour it into a clean flask.

Good to know:

For incurable fans of baby wipes, find out how to make your own here, which are better for baby and better for your wallet!

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