Want to tone up? Take the stairs! 7 exercises to try…

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People who can’t stand making small talk or having awkward silences in the lift may find that the stairs becomes their best friend! But as well as supporting your anti-social side (!), the stairs can also help you expend energy, work your muscles and get a little cardio in. It all depends on how quickly you go up or down (both are great, and solicit different muscle groups -the calves, bum, quads, etc. -but it also depends on the manner in which you do it!) This is why we have 7 great exercises for toning up, looking after your heart health and burning a few calories. 

1) Stand on your tip-toes

Jump up the steps with your feet together, making sure to stay on your tip-toes. Do this for around twelve steps in a row.

2) Run

Take the stairs without holding back in terms of speed. Do 4 flights of stairs in a row and give yourself a little recovery time.

3) Two by two

Climb the stairs purposely skipping every second step. Do 4 series of 6 jumps (12 steps), and rest.

4) Hop on one leg

Hop up the steps on one leg. Do 2 series on each leg.

5) Frog jumps

Bend your knees, feet apart and jump. Do 3 series of 10 steps.

6) Heel to bum

Kick your heels up to your bum with each step, doing 4 series of 10 steps, alternating the leg each time. Do fairly big jumps.

7) Knees to chest

For 3 series of 16 steps, take large steps in which you bring your knee up good and high, every second leg.

If you have a stairs in your house or building, you can do this training at home and gradually increase the intensity of the exercises (by using weights or dumbells, or even just by carrying a bag).

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