With just 3 ingredients, make your own toothpaste for you or your children

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Toothpaste is something we all need. In as much as possible, we start teaching our little ones how to brush their teeth so as to get them into the habit of doing so as early as possible, so that they will continue it all their lives long. Brushing is the most basic thing we can do for dental health, but the list of ingredients used in commercial toothpastes seems to go on forever, and we can start to believe that that is what is needed for healthy teeth. However, be aware that many of these products have a debatable effect on our health, and a mixture of only three ingredients is enough to make an effective toothpaste. 

As well as the ingredient(s) that add taste, the mixture in question is made up of Xylitol – a very common ingredient in toothpastes and chewing gums, and which is a sweetener that fights against cavities and provides minerals to the teeth. This ingredient does not pose any risk for humans, but it is toxic for dogs. Coconut oil, for its part, is very common in natural toothpaste recipes, and adds antibacterial and antifungal properties. It has also been shown that this oil can help prevent cavities. Here is how to make the toothpaste in question, with 3 options for adding flavour: classic peppermint, or alternatively strawberry or sweet orange (flavours which children tend to like).

The Pistachio Project

What you need:

  • 13 g of Xylitol
  • 27 g of coconut oil
  • An ingredient to add flavour to your toothpaste:
    • Mint: 10 drops of peppermint essential oil
    • Orange: 3 drops of sweet orange essential oil OR 0.6 mls of orange extract
    • Strawberry: 0.6 mls of strawberry extract
  • A jar
  • Optional: a small stick for removing the toothpaste from the jar to prevent contamination


1) Mix all of the ingredients in a container.

2) Once it is well mixed, transfer it into a jar in order to keep it.

3) As with any toothpaste, take a little from the jar and use it to brush your teeth.

The Pistachio Project

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