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Yes, you can use banana peels instead of throwing them away! (8 incredible uses)

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Bananas are amazing, their soft taste and their creamy texture make them perfect for a nice little snack or as ingredient in your cake to get the perfect texture. But when it comes to bananas pills, the only thing we generally think of is people sliping on them like cartoon characters. This is really a shame because banana peels are amazing. Here are 8 unbelievable uses you really should try out.

1. Create compost

Banana peels contain loads of nutrients which are excellent for any type of garden.

2. Fertilise tomato seedlings

You’ve decided to grow tomatoes? Amazing, it’s now time to make sure they grow perfectly. To do so roll a tomato peel all around the base of your seedly to allow it to enjoy all the peels’ nutrients. Your tomatoes will have vitamines and they will be firm.

3. On an itchy skin or to relieve local pain.

Rub gently a banana peel on your skin, it’s amazing if your skin is itching or if it has a mosquito sting. It will also accelerate the healing process..

4. Eat it!

Wash the skin properly. Put it in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Use a squeezer to get the perfect texture to eat its numerous nutrients.

5. Create vinegar

Its vinegar can be used on some recipes and to prepare a nice seasoning.

6. Feed your animal

Your pigs, rabbits or chickens would be glad to eat them. Just add a little bit of soil to the peels.

7. For a tender meat.

Add banana peels to your pieces of meat, it won’t dry out and it will remain perfectly tender.

8. It’s appealing for all kind of animals

If you want to welcome animals in your garden, consider putting peels on a raised platform. Birds, butterflies and bees will be attracted by the peels and you will see them more often.